We’ve streamlined access to legal services for your business.

Elevon - Enjoy the freedom

Introducing Elevon: our legal service plan for corporations that every business owner can afford. Delegate the burden of corporate annual record-keeping and modernize your corporate minute book records. Keep your attention and focus on performing the work that moves your business ahead by allowing our team to manage the foundational health of your organization.

Elevon is your incredible market advantage

Reliable legal counsel is an incredible market advantage for businesses. There’s no doubt that support like this is beneficial, but too often it’s inaccessible for small and medium sized corporations. Just think, rock-solid corporate compliance and simplified access to your corporate lawyer and legal team: this means forecasting stops resembling guesswork, risks are minimized, your time is recovered, and traction can be your focus.

What kind of competitive edge would you gain in knowing your business is ready and your path is cleared to respond to opportunity?

Who gets the advantage?

Affordable legal service plans for corporations

Elevon Basic

best value for maintaining or establishing compliance and stability
  • minute book maintenance
  • minute book stored digitally
  • year-end communications with accountant
  • preparation and filing of annual return
  • priority booking for annual Will Week event
  • subscription to corporate news bulletins from Pathway Law

Elevon Plus

Best Value for growth and momentum or for managing change
  • everything in Elevon Basic, plus
  • $700 annual credit towards corporate legal services
  • biennial corporate strategy session with your corporate lawyer
  • preferred pricing on all legal services for the corporation
  • priority registration for Pathway Law webinar and events

Elevon Complete

Best Value for companies with employees and for facing market challenges
  • everything in Elevon Basic, plus
  • $1000 annual credit towards corporate legal services
  • annual corporate strategy session with your corporate lawyer
  • elite preferred pricing on all legal services for the corporation and also shareholders
  • preferred pricing offered to all staff and family members
  • annual corporate Will Week event

Uncertain about the condition of your company’s records?

Choosing an Elevon legal service plan is always well-timed and worthwhile, especially when the condition of your corporation’s record-keeping is uncertain or unknown. Achieving an essential baseline level of organizational health is our first priority for all Pathway Law Elevon clients. We thoroughly evaluate the minute book for every new Elevon client. This allows our team to pinpoint gaps and shortcomings, and to also do what’s necessary to bring the minute book up to date before finishing the onboarding process. An additional fee is charged for corrective services to corporate records. Our team will connect with you if your minute book is affected.

Boost the health of your business

On Elevon Basic, we’ve created a legal service plan for businesses with an emphasis on corporate compliance. This essential service plan establishes baseline health for your organization and removes unnecessary risk from your future. Accurate records save you time, money, and headaches, and makes accessing your corporate lawyer and legal services much more affordable.

In fact, this essential benefit exists for every business on an Elevon service plan. When you’re on Elevon, you’ll always have up to date annual minutes and annual returns, plus digital access to your minute books. We will even initiate contact with your accountant at your year-end so you don’t have to.

But that’s not all. Every subscription level has member-only perks, including priority booking for events and insider news on topics that will impact you as a business owner. Higher tier plans include annual credits and special pricing for legal services for your business.

Let Elevon empower your business to thrive

You’ll get a partnership you can trust, outcomes you can depend on, and affordable access to vital legal services from your corporate legal team at Pathway Law.

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