Your estate plan needs to be good enough for life in the 21st century

You want to be prepared for the future

A traditional estate plan is a set of documents that detail what happens if you become incapable of managing your affairs during your lifetime, or following your death.

Your estate plan begins with a Will

Every estate plan begins with a Will. This is the first, most essential document. It becomes the instructions for how your money and possessions will be distributed after you have passed on. Powers of attorney are also essential documents. They give control of your assets and your healthcare to someone else if you become unable to direct your own affairs. These documents are what make up a traditional estate plan.
If you die without an estate plan your loved ones don’t automatically inherit everything. Instead, the government decides who your beneficiaries are, and how your assets are divided up. If a person does have an estate plan, then most often it is the traditional kind, made up of a Will and Powers of Attorney, but nothing else. It is always true that some planning is better than no planning at all.

What is also true, is that a traditional estate plan can fail you and leave your loved ones struggling.

Traditional estate plans were created hundreds of years ago. Our lives look nothing like they did in the 11th century – why should your estate plan?
Whether you have a blended family, minor children, dependants with a disability, monetary, personal or digital assets, own a business or even a vacation property, or whether you want to provide instructions for the people who will make decisions for you as you grow older, you will need additional documentation that isn’t covered by a traditional estate plan.

This is the reason we created Panoramic Plan.

There’s a lot at stake. Why risk it on “better than nothing”?

You’re in good hands when you work with our team.

An estate plan from Pathway Law starts with a solid foundation. It includes the traditional Will and Powers of Attorney documents and broadens them with an exclusive suite of products and services that are tailored just for you. This is what you need – an estate plan that fits you now and grows with you into the future, and is prepared to handle the complexity of life in today’s world.

A Panoramic Plan is estate planning built for the 21st century.

A Panoramic Plan sets up protection for today with advance planning for your family and for your own incapacity, ensuring that things go the way you intend – at a time when you won’t be able to speak for yourself. Additionally, it provides you and your family with all the instructions and documents you need to ensure your loved ones and dependants are secure, your estate and assets are protected, and your values and goals endure.
There is no other estate plan like a Panoramic Plan, and it is only available at Pathway Law.

We will change the way you think about estate planning.