Lawyer Comes Home to CK

Living and working in CK is something we are each very proud of. There are so many opportunities for people of all ages and interests. Imagine our delight when we received a CV from a highly qualified lawyer who also happened to have grown up in Chatham-Kent. We recognized Meghan’s qualities right away and hired her as an associate lawyer at Pathway Law. We are so glad that we did.

Meghan Harrogate joined our firm in February of 2022. She practices in Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, and also Estate Administration. Her attention to excellence in the practice of law, and creating a fabulous experience for our clients means that she has become a first choice for many of our clients in this relatively short time.

Join us as we say to her “welcome back to Chatham-Kent, Meghan!” Read Meghan Harrogate’s baCK to Chatham-Kent Story on the City of Chatham-Kent’s website.

Photo of the published news article from the Chatham-Kent website.

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