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Will Week 2024

– 2025 dates to be announced –

An estate plan speaks for you

An estate plan details what should happen if you become unable to manage your affairs while you’re still alive, and following your death. It provides important information to the people who will take over for you so they know what to do and how you want them to do it.

Everyone should have an estate plan

An estate plan is for you, whether you are young, old, wealthy, or just getting by, have kids, property, pets, a career, or none of those things. Everyone is vulnerable to disability and death, and so everyone should have a plan in place.

An estate plan is also for living

Tragic things can happen while you’re alive too. You don’t want to lose the life you had before because of insufficient planning. But a lot needs to happen to ensure nothing is lost during a time of fear and uncertainty. It’s better to have a plan than to leave your loved ones guessing.

An out of date plan is no longer a plan

Careful planning can reduce the impact that life’s changes have on an estate plan, but plans can become irrelevant and may no longer be able to do what you had intended. If your estate plan was made years ago, you’ve probably had a lot change since that time. A Panoramic plan is designed to fit you now, and grow with you into the future, making sure your plan never becomes irrelevant again.

A Panoramic Plan is modern and customized, taking in all of who you are – your values and goals, your wealth and assets, your family landscape, your loved ones, and all that you say matters to you – and combines it into a dynamic, tailored estate plan made just for you. It recognizes that not everything in life goes according to plan, and proactively addresses circumstances that get missed with a traditional approach to estate planning. This is what you need: an estate plan that fits you now and grows with you into the future. One that is prepared to handle the complexity of life in today’s world.

Will Week is icing on the cake (or gravy on your poutine)

The only way to make a Panoramic Plan better is to get it while it’s on sale! So hurry – Will Week only happens once a year! Once it’s over, this opportunity to save will be gone.

There’s no other estate plan like a Panoramic Plan – and right now, there’s no better time to get one!